"Mid Size Power Boats": A Guide for Discreminating Buyers - by David Pascoe

Hurricanes and Tropical


Fight or Flight: It's Always a Tough Decision

Hurricane Season 2002

There is Still Time to Get Ready Hurricane Season 2000:

1. The Problem of Complacency, Relocation

2. Where to Go?

3. Storm Prediction, Overcrowding

4. Making a Good Dock (with 3 illustrations), What About Floating Docks?

Tropical Outlook for the 2000 Season 

The potential for tropical cyclone development in the Atlantic  remains unfavorable as the unusual weather pattern we pointed out several weeks ago continues.

The Need for Improved Hurricane Forecasting

For those of us who live and work in hurricane alley, during the hurricane season our lives and activities are often overshadowed by the risk of hurricanes. 

Keith Reaches Category 4 Status
140MPH Winds as of 0600, 10/1/00

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Finding Refuge

Safe Harbor 
How to protect your boat from hurricanes

Your Legal Obligations during a Storm

Most people are probably quite unaware that they may actually have legal obligations for what happens to their boats, or rather what their boats do to other property, during a hurricane. Such obligations have been demonstrated in numerous court cases. 

Surveying Storm Damaged Boats

Liability Risks for Failure to Report Inadequate Repairs Runs High

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