Mid Size Power Boats

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Full Chapter One


Boat Buying 101

Your First Boat - Part I

By far, the most frequently asked question we get in our emails is the one by first time boat buyers asking about what brand they should buy.

Your First Boat - Part II

In this segment we'll take a look at the basics of trying to decide exactly what type, style and shape of boat that you think you need, versus what may actually best fit you purposes.

Your First Boat - Part III

In Part II, we made the recommendation that an used boat offers excellent value and good prospects for reliability. But how old of a boat? And how do you go about completing a deal?

The Hull - to - Deck Joint

A Critical Look at This Often Under-rated Element of Boat Quality

Boat Specifications

Boat length, Builder's weight -vs-Weight Now, Boat speeds, Drafts

Dealer Service Qualifications

All Is Not Well in the Boating Industry

Sizing Up Serviceability

The Little Things That Add Up to Big Dollars

Boat Reviews


Bilge Water BluesHow to get rid of that last inch of water

Leaking Stuffing BoxesHow to Prevent $15,000 Worth of Damage for $5 and 30 Minutes of Your Time.

Preventative Maintenance Anchor Windlasses, Rusted Water Heaters, Deck Leaks, Upholstery Wear, Instrument Panels

Wash Down : Back to BasicsThe essentials of after-use clean up
One of the Easiest Aspects of Boat Maintenance Pays High Dividends When Done Right After Every Use.

This Old Boat

Fundamentals Of Restoration Projects: Part IWhat makes for a suitable candidate for a major boat restoration project, both in terms of the boat and the person attempting it

Fundamentals of Restoration Projects: Part IIHow to proceed with such a project, and what you need to consider before you buy

Boat Safety at Sea

Boat Safety at Sea - Part I Small boat safety at sea - Outboard

Boat Safety at Sea - Part IIIntermediate size  sports fishermen and cruisers

Dangerous Ship Wakes

Boat Handling

Rough Water Seamanship - Part INegotiating Inlets, Tide Rips, Sea State, Currents, Bottom Topography,Recommendations for novices.

Rough water Seamanship - Part IISmall Craft Warnings, Big Seas, Little Seas, Controlling Speed, Broaching, Confused Seas, Waves on Top of Waves

Rough Water Seamanship - Part IIIGetting Caught in Thunder Storms
Storm Avoidance, My Bad Day at Black Cloud, Sheltering, Being Prepared, Lightning

Hurricanes/Tropical Storms

Hurricane Season 2002Fight or Flight: It's Always Tough Decision

Hurricane Season 2000
The Need for Improved Hurricane Forecasting
Tropical Outlook for the 2000 SeasonUpdated 9-14-00

There is Still Time to Get Ready (1) - Hurricane Season 2000The Problem of Complacency, Relocation

There is Still Time to Get Ready (2) - Hurricane Season 2000Where to Go?

There is Still Time to Get Ready (3) - Hurricane Season 2000 Storm Prediction, Overcrowding

There is Still Time to Get Ready (4) - Hurricane Season 2000Making of a Good Dock with 3 illustrations, What About Floating Docks?

Product Reviews

Yamaha Salt Water SeriesOutboard Engine Review

Marine Engines

Sail Boat Auxiliaries And Why They Don't Last as Long as They Should

Cruising in Year 2000

Cruising - Key Biscayne, Miami, Florida Tropical Paradise in the Shadow of the City

Up a Not So Lazy River Fort Lauderdale's Fabulous New River

David Pascoe's
Power Boat Books
Mid Size Power Boats Mid Size Power Boats
A Guide for Discriminating Buyers
Focuses exclusively cruiser class generally 30-55 feet
With discussions on the pros and cons of each type: Expresses, trawlers, motor yachts, multi purpose types, sportfishermen and sedan cruisers.
Buyers' Guide to Outboard Boats
Selecting and Evaluating New and Used Boats
Dedicated for offshore outboard boats
A hard and realistic look at the marine market place and delves into issues of boat quality and durability that most other marine writers are unwilling to touch.
Surveying Fiberglass Power Boats
2nd Edition
The Art of Pre-Purchase Survey The very first of its kind, this book provides the essentials that every novice needs to know, as well as a wealth of esoteric details.
Marine Investigations
Pleasure crafts investigations to court testimony The first and only book of its kind on the subject of investigating pleasure craft casualties and other issues.

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